Bloomberg Law features Nextlaw’s insights on the rising alternative legal jobs market

Bloomberg Law recently published a timely piece on the rise of alternative career paths in the legal market titled ANALYSIS: Legal Futurists Wanted–The New, Alt-Legal Jobs, which features the voices of Nextlaw In-House Solutions (NLIHS) CEO, Chris Pinnington, and Chief Client Officer, JoAnne Wakeford, as well as Nextlaw Labs advisor and law professor at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bill Henderson, among other influential members of the legal innovation and technology community.

Chris is quoted in the article describing the opportunities that this shift in the legal landscape brings: “There has really been a pivot over the last few years,” and there are “tremendous opportunities for people in the legal industry to leverage their individual diverse backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations in ways that historically wasn’t the case.”

Bill talks about the new job prospects for law school grads that did not exist 15 years ago and is quoted saying: “If you look at the market for 2000-billable-hour jobs, they’ve been flatlining[.]”

Chris notes that the market shift is happening in tandem with a cultural shift and a changing of mindsets in the industry: “One of the exciting things about legal operations is that it is opening the eyes of the legal profession, which has tended to be conservative and focused on the presumed paramountcy of the training of lawyers,” and “[it’s] opening doors to a more holistic and inclusive approach to providing legal services.”

The article also emphasizes the development of legal operations roles as a significant part of this trend.

JoAnne describes the role as: “very similar to what you would see within a law department legal operations role,” and “[there] are more people within North America who have years of experience in legal ops, but this type of role has existed for years in Europe and the UK as well. We’re finding individuals with two, three years’ experience now[.]”

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